Dream Now, Travel Later

Dream Now, Travel Later

A surge in Covid-19 infections in key places and ensuing restrictions have led to a drop in demand for new travel bookings. COVID-19 has prevailed over the traditional dynamic of traveler loyalty. While before, travelers score points to determine the level of service they experienced, hygiene, health, and safety is the new currency for earning customer trust. 

Travel and hospitality companies are hoping that this is a temporary situation and that a wider vaccination rollout from April will lead to “cautious optimism” and the rejuvenation of travel.

Fortunately, the travel industry is completely-full of creative thinkers from all over the world, and our technological abilities have never been greater. Leading up the holidays, brands like Belmond have been getting their customer’s attention with virtual events that not only inspire travel, but offer fun, informative, and festive activities that serve as mood-lifters during this unusual holiday season. 

That’s why I am optimistic that 2021 will be the year that travel starts its comeback, where I will: 

  1. Get to hug my family for the first time in far, far, far too long, 
  2. Laugh with friends, and thank in person, who I’ve been working with from my bedroom for almost a year now, and
  3. Land myself in a foreign country, excited about new adventure, wonders and different cultures await. And food. Lots of food! 

The rich heritage of the country can be the linchpin and help the travel industry grow manifold. #MyIndia campaign started by MakeMyTrip’s also vitalize people to go beyond the ordinary lifestyle and discover the hidden gems of our India. Though India is known for its tourist destinations, this film will definitely make you fall in love with the charm of these concealed gems of India.

MakeMyTrip collaborated with more than 20 renowned travel Instagrammers, as a part of the #MyIndia campaign. These influencers covered more than 100 concealed gems in 19 states and 3 union territories over the span of 60 days, and highlighted some of the most epic, concealed places of India through their image, videos, posts, and Instagram Reels.

The recovery trajectory has just shifted out slightly. There is reasonable travel scope for a decent volume in summer if this phase of uncertainty is not too stretched, especially with the vaccinations opening up for a more extensive base from April.

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