Travel Guide to Kedarnath Dham

Travel Guide

Kedarnath Dham

Shri Kedarnath is a holy Hindu temple located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the four Dhams located in the Himalayas. Kedarnath Temple is situated amidst the majestic snow-capped Garhwal Himalaya ranges, and is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year, and visiting Kedarnath is also a dream of every Hindu. The Mandakini river flows through this temple in the west direction of the peak of Kedarnath Temple, and this temple is situated at an amazing height of 3584 meters above sea level.

Apart from this, Kedarnath trek is amazingly beautiful, you will experience a different pleasant wave of Lord Bholenath in the winds which is impossible to describe in words. While doing Kedarnath trek, you will experience the natural beauty here, for which tourists come here every year. Shri Kedarnath Ji is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. And also known as Kedareshwar, it is situated on a mountain called Kedar. The path to Kedarnath temple takes you through beautiful forests, and snow-clad mountains and spectacular views of nature, and it gives you a serene atmosphere with a beautifully painted backdrop. In Kedarnath you get a wonderful experience of Shiva devotion and adventure which every person must do once in life.

Day-01: Haridwar to Gaurikund

You have to reach Haridwar to start the journey to Kedarnath. The distance from Haridwar to Kedarnath is 239 kms, there are 3 places between Haridwar to Kedarnath where you can stop Guptkashi, Sonprayag, Gaurikund, these three places are around 20 to 30 kilometers of the temple. After reaching here, you have to stay in Gaurikund and try to book in advance in the hotel, I am telling you this because Gaurikund reads nearest to Kedarnath, from here you will be able to start your Kedarnath journey. After reaching Gaurikund from Haridwar, take hotel and rest.

One special thing If you go to Kedarnath by bus or by your car, then your bus or car can go only till Sonprayag. No vehicle is allowed to go beyond. You will find parking in Sonprayag and the parking is quite big and well-constructed.

Day-02: Gaurikund to Kedarnath

Next morning, you will hike in order to get adapt to the further steep ascent. The terrain set off rocky and more or less barren with a few oak trees and rhododendron bushes scattered on the slopes. You will also walk to the Kunal Pathri temple settled at the top of the hill. Laka Got is the prop of Indrahar Pass and is settled on the glacier that usually melts in the late monsoon. You will camp high up the glacier for an overnight stay.

Day-03: Back to Gaurikund from Kedarnath

Today you will start the journey from Kedarnath Temple to Gaurikund and it will take you half the time you took to climb down, because it is easy to get down. After descending you stop at Gaurikund because it is evening No one is allowed to drive a car or bus in the mountains here.

That’s why you have to get down and stay for one night, so while descending, get down comfortably and enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest because such spectacular views will not be seen every day.

Day-04: Back to Haridwar from Gaurikund

You can stay in Haridwar and attend the Ganga arti.

Best Time to Visit

  • Starts in April or May

You can also get the latest updates from the government website – euttaranchal.

Travel Tips

  • Do carry a rain cover with you as the weather of Kedarnath changes anytime and it starts raining. So don’t forget to keep rain cover.
  • Wear comfortable company shoes while doing this trek as this trek is very long so comfortable shoes are very important.
  • Carry a minimum of luggage with you because if you carry more luggage, you will get tired quickly.
  • If the nails of your feet are long, then cut them or else it will hurt you while descending.
  • And you can also keep a Bluetooth speaker with you.
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