“Bizarre But Delicious”: Taiwanese Restaurant’s “Godzilla Ramen” Features Crocodile Meat

Tastes Like Chicken or Pork Feet?": Taiwanese Restaurant's Crocodile Ramen Divides Social Media

‘Godzilla Ramen,’ as it is known online, is a brand-new menu item from a Taiwanese restaurant with a location in Yunlin. The front leg of a crocodile, notably, sticks out of the thick witch crocodile ramen, also known as Godzilla ramen. It appears to be creeping out of the bowl of noodles and broth.

Crocodiles that aren’t categorised as endangered can be raised and eaten in Taiwan.

According to the restaurant’s owner, who only wanted to be identified by his last name, Chien, the soup is made of quail eggs, pork, baby corn, dried bamboo shoots, black fungus and cubes of fish paste. This dish uses crocodile meat that was obtained from a Taitung farm.

The limited availability of crocodile legs and the challenging preparation of the dish, according to Chien, limit the number of bowls of Godzilla Ramen that can be served daily to just two. The price per bowl is INR 4,105. A percentage of the price is due to the amount of labour required to produce the food.

After cleaning, a mixture of alcohol and herbs (ginger, garlic, and spring onion) is applied to the crocodile limb. It must then be simmered in the restaurant’s signature broth for two hours. It takes about three hours to complete the process.

Many (clients) claim that crocodile meat tastes similar to chicken meat but is more elastic, bouncy, and tender, according to Chien. “It tastes like braised chicken feet,” I said.

Whether you love it or hate it, Godzilla Ramen is sure to turn heads. So if you’re ever in Taiwan, be sure to give it a try.

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